Q. How long does it take to have a SUNROOM installed on my home?
A. Typically it takes 2 – 4 weeks depending on the type of sunroom and the scope of work. Creative Enclosures can assist with all aspects of your project from foundation to finishes. Some of our customers handle the finishes themselves. Your project’s time frame will depend on whether you want a complete “turn-key” project or if you are the “do-it-yourself” type. Remember that it typically takes 10-14 weeks to start your project once you have made the decision to more forward. So, be sure to plan accordingly if you want your project completed in a particular time frame.

Q. How will Creative Enclosures assist me in determining what type of SUNROOM is best for my family’s lifestyle and our home’s appearance?
A. Creative Enclosures’ has professional design consultants that are specifically trained to assist in developing the project of your dreams. When a design consultant comes to your home they bring with them the tools and knowledge necessary to answer all your questions. We spend time discussing your needs and wants and work within your budget to create the room of your dreams.

Q. How much does a SUNROOM cost and do you offer financing?
A. This is not an easy question to answer. The short answer is it depends on many things. The style of sunroom, the size of the sunroom, foundation type and interior finishes are a few items that effect the investment. We like to relate the investment in sunroom to the cost of a car. You can buy a VW Bug, a Mercedes or any type car in-between. However, unlike a car that loses value the second you drive it off the dealers lot, a sunroom will only increase the beauty and value of your home. Creative Enclosures does offer financing from a variety of venders. We make the application process simple and convenient.

Q. Will an all-glass room be too hot to enjoy in the summer months?

A. Some sunrooms can if you do not have the right glass. With our Four Seasons patented ConservaGlass™ your room will remain comfortable year round! Our glass has multiple layers of metallic surfaces that act as a reflector to the heat. When we visit your home, our design consultants will demonstrate the glass to show you its qualities and performance. You can also stop buy our showroom and experience the comfort of living under glass first hand by walking thru our “Tunnel of Heat” and sitting in our full size displays.

Champagne, Arthur and Janice-After ViewQ. We have an existing deck that we want to enclose. Can Creative Enclosures put a SUNROOM on it?

A. This is a very common question. The answer is yes; as long as the deck is structurally sound and can carry the weight of the new sunroom. There are times when we can “beef-up” an existing deck with the addition of supporting beams and piers. In some cases, we may need to remove the existing deck and install our ConservaDeck™ System with post and beam structural members.

Q. Can a Creative Enclosures’ SUNROOM be used year round? Do I have to put heat in it?
A. Yes, your new sunroom can be used year round, however it requires added amenities. In many cases we extend heat into your new sunroom and install a ceiling fan. Sometimes clients even request air conditioning. Keep in mind that our patented ConservaGlass™ aids in keeping your sunroom cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Q. What color options and types of SUNROOMS does Creative Enclosure offer?
A. Creative Enclosures offers 18 styles of sunrooms and in most cases they are available in white, brown and earthtone (tan). Please see our rooms page for more details about the individual room styles.

Q. How do I schedule an in-home consultation with a Creative Enclosures Design Consultant?
A. Just give us a call @ 860-886.7631. You can also e-mail us info@creativeenclosures.com and a staff member will give you a call to schedule a time that is convenient. Feel free to book an appointment right here on our website by visiting our “Book An Appointment” link on our home page.

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