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Improve your home's comfort with new doors & windows from a qualified contractor

Do you have old, drafty windows that are hard to open or are planning a home remodel? If so, replacement doors and windows would be great additions that offer a number of benefits and are an essential part of any successful home remodel. Call the experts from Creative Enclosures at 1-844-309-5457 today or contact us online to schedule your free estimate for any of our window and door services in Middletown, Norwich, Bozrah, and the nearby areas!

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Signs that your windows or doors may need replacing

  • Difficult to open and close
  • Drafts coming from around windows & entry doors
  • Condensation on glass panes
  • Hard to clean
  • Peeling or chipping paint
  • Excessive outside noise
  • Damaged seal or caulking

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are new windows & doors energy efficient?

    Most new windows and doors are very energy efficient and replacement windows and doors can prove even more energy efficient when installed by professionals since they should fit better. Most energy loss is caused by drafts beneath your windows and doors. New windows and doors, when properly installed, remove these gaps and insulate your home. This greatly reduces the amount of energy your heating and cooling system needs to use.

  • Can new windows & doors help with allergies?

    Yes. New windows & doors will do a much better job of keeping the outside out and the inside in. This reduces all kinds of outside irritants like dust, allergens, insects, and even noise. If you have problems with allergies then new windows & doors can go a long way.

  • Do new windows & doors increase my home's value?

    Absolutely. Replacement windows and doors dramatically increase your home's property value. Quality windows and doors also provide a noticeable boost to your home's curb appeal which helps your home make a better first impression.

Choose professional window and door replacement for your home

The expert window and door contractors at Creative Enclosures will help you find the perfect solution for your home and give you a high-quality installation. Call us today to get started with a free window & door replacement cost estimate in Middletown, Norwich, Bozrah, New London, Vernon Rockville, Westerly, Windham, Willimantic, Montville, Storrs Mansfield, and the surrounding areas in Connecticut!

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